Choose How You Want Us to Care for Your Laundry!

Our Load & Go Service or Luxury Drop Off Service will free up more of your time, and we’ll take care of your laundry so it is ready when you are!

We also have Coin ÔÇô Operative | Self ÔÇô Serve machines for single loads or giant capacity machines that can handle up to 8 loads at one time!

Pants Folded at Laundry Mat

In a Hurry?

Try Our Luxury Drop Off Service
or Load & Go Service

Single Items


Twin                                                 $10.00       $12.50

Full/Queen                                      $13.50       $17.00

King                                                  $15.50        $20.00

Pillow Top King                              $20.00       N/A Must have 24 hrs

CA King                                            $20.00       $24.50

Down                                               $25.00       N/A Must have 24 hrs

Duvet Covers                                  $10.00       N/A

Blankets                                          $9.50

Throw                                              $5.00

Shams                                             $1.00 each

Bath Mats

Small                                               $3.50         $5.00

Medium                                          $6.00         $7.50

Large                                               $10.00       N/A must have 24hrs

4×5 or 4×6                                      $20.00       N/A

8×10                                                $25.00       N/A


Mattress Pad Covers                     $15.00 all sizes

Sneakers                                          $5.00 pair AIR DRY ONLY

Bed Pillows 

Non-feather                                     $5.00

Feather                                              $7.00

Throw Pillows

Regular size                                      $5.00

Large Size                                         $8.00

Couch Covers $13.50 & up

Couch Pillow Cover                         $6.00

Queen/King Pillow Shams              $1.00 each

Dog Beds

Large                                                  $20.00

Med                                                    $15.00

Small                                                  $10.00

X-Small                                              $5.00

Wish to See One of Our Facilities?

Serving Bradenton, Ellenton, and Sarasota!


Will You Check Pockets?

Yes. For Load & Go and Drop Off Services, we will sort and check pockets.

No Dyes? No Perfumes?

When using Load & Go and Drop Off Services, please let us know if you prefer unscented detergent. Fabric Softener is included with every load unless otherwise instructed.

Do You Use Hangers?

Bring your own hangers and we will be happy to hang your Load & Go and Drop Off laundry for you.

What Payments Are Accepted?

We accept cash and credit cards.
Sorry, no checks are accepted.

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